Dead Bob Marley

I spent my weekend cleaning and being silly. I also put up my very cool purple and green Christmas wreath. It’s quite beautiful. I also listened to a lot of Trans Siberian Orchestra. I love them. They’re on the same level for me as Manheim Steamroller. Love them too. Oh oh oh and I got the Josh Groban Noel CD. That man is hot. I could listen to his voice forever. Yumtastic! I just know I’m going to base a character on him.

So anyway, the other day, someone—Bronwyn—told me I couldn’t get into the Christmas Spirit if there was still a skeleton on my wall. I disagreed and asked “Have you never heard of the Nightmare Before Christmas?” Of course she has.

So, today, I introduce you to Dead Bob Marley (the gentleman on the right). He’s Jacob Marley’s brother and much more festive. He will be visiting throughout the holidays. Anyhoo, he doesn’t eat much and is an easy guest. Just hangs around a bit. That’s good because I’m in a very writerly mood today. I’m finishing up my latest story. I got my edits for Fallen and they went really well. I turned them around already so now I can focus on the creative part of my job.


Children: Bedroom cleaning took place yesterday. OMG, I’m lucky I have hair left. Between the pissing and moaning and fighting and manic laughing fits (all by the kids) I almost went nuts. Homework avoidance 5 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection.
Loads of laundry: 4
Words Written: -100 (yes, that’s negative)

8 thoughts on “Dead Bob Marley

  1. Dead Bob Marley…brilliant. I particularly love his little booties. I think I shall knit him a scarf. He looks a bit chilly.BTW, congrats on turning around Fallen so quickly. I freaking *love* that story!


  2. Oooh, been a Josh Groban fan before he was famous. The Noel album is yummy. Been playing it while I clean. But I love all his stuff. So glad to meet another Josh fan.Otherwise Christmas is AFTER Thanksgiving. I just made an exception for JG. Bob’s alright. I deal with that by not decorating for Hallowe’en. No skeletons on the wall!


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