Oh My God, I Am An Idiot!!!

Until I got Jen’s comment yesterday, I totally forgot about Bob Marley. Geez!!!! Dead Bob Marley is in fact no relation or reflection or satire-ation on the legendary and late Bob Marley. Guh! I slapped my forehead when I realized.

My Dead Bob Marley gets his name from Jacob Marley of Dicken’s Christmas Carol and something even more infamous. You don’t know it? If you have never heard of Ded Bob I am sorry for your loss. Ded Bob is one of my favourite characters of all time. Bob rocks out—almost as much as Bob Marley’s reggae. Ded Bob stars at many Ren festivals in his own show called “The Ded Bob Sho” and thrives on insulting the audience. He is served by his faithful manservant, Smuj. Yes, I have been bobmatized. Therefore I was happy to have Dead Bob Marley, his relation come to stay with me.

Unintentional references aside, work on my latest book went well yesterday. I’m pleased with my progress despite the fact I wanted to be done days ago. It’s emotional and gut wrenching and HOT. OMG the sex. And I’m cruising along like there’s no tomorrow. Who knows. Maybe there isn’t. Oh see…the doomed attitude of the cursed is catching. Little does he know, I plan to redeem him. It will be all hearts and flowers.

Children: Children are doing happy dances because they have a mere day until Thanksgiving break begins. Whoo freaking hoo. I never had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off when I was in school. I swear. Schools today… Homework avoidance 2 on the standard 1-10 scale of homework perfection.
Loads of laundry: 2
Words Written: 5000

6 thoughts on “Oh My God, I Am An Idiot!!!

  1. I think there is a natural human propensity toward naming skeletons “Bob.” “Skeleton Bob” has been hanging on Jill’s bedroom door for years. I have a skull on my desk named Bob (for the Dresden Files, of course… love the books, but I wouldn’t mind if Terrence Mann popped out of Bob’s skull one day, you know?).Somehow, though, Bob isn’t a good name for a ghost. Which is probably why his brother’s name is Jacob.


  2. I was going to mention the absence of Ziggy (Marley, not Jen’s) but thought I’d save it for a later post. Like this one.Yeah, what’s up with getting extra days off in school? And watching DVD’s because the teacher is hung over or lazy? Why, back in my day. . .


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