Well Hell…

It’s blowing so hard outside, my old house is rattling like it will come apart. And it’s cold. And it’s super sunny. And there’s no damned snow.

Did I mention it’s cold? I was so cold this morning, I crawled back in bed after I took my kids to school. I’d settled in for a perfectly good nap when all of a sudden I heard, “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” in this deep voice. It was vague. I ignored it. So did the dog which is a good indicator of whether or not I need to panic. A few minutes later, I again hear, “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!”

Frowning and a little perplexed, I buried my head in my pillow. This wasn’t some twisted version of The Night Before Christmas. The sound was the Penguin in a Box that’s on my hall table. Yes, Penguin in a Box. It’s like a Jack in the Box and it says (you guessed it) “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” I figured the wind shaking the house had triggered the fragile catch and the thing had popped open. But twice? Right now I’m feeling annoyed. Okay, a little freaked out and still perplexed too…because I hauled my freezing cookies out of bed to find that the Penguin is safely inside the box. The closed box. It shouldn’t have made a sound, and it hasn’t since.

I’d go back to bed, but I suppose it was a portent that I should get up and get to work. I have a book to finish. Or maybe it was a dead person who needs to talk to me. It’s happened before…it’s saved a life. And I happen to know which dead person it’s likely to be. He’s already messed with my lazy sleep. He might as well speak. By the way, I’m not crazy and it’s not something I particularly pursue. I’m no Medium. It’s just a family trait I’ve managed to inherit and not necessarily a cherished one either.

I’m not cold anymore.

But enough weird…I have a book coming out in twenty days. It’s pretty exciting. It’s a fallen angel book about a guardian angel, Raphian, who went too far and got banished. Today I’m posting a picture of the man who inspired Raphian. Yummy yummy Edoardo Ballerini.

If you’re interested in hot men, swing on over to Bronwyn Green’s blog and check out her Monday eye candy on Tuesday. Today she’s featuring the guy I fondly call Towel Boy.

See ya! I’m off to oogle.

7 thoughts on “Well Hell…

  1. Hey at least this one didn’t throw anything across the room like that one did. That was probably the most amazing (and creepiest) thing I’ve ever seen.mmmmm…Towel Boy…Raphian’s pretty hot, too.


  2. I agree…Raphian came haunt me anytime:) So did you ever figure out the mystery voice?My spirits/ghosts/whatever you call them keep leaving me dimes all over the place. I think maybe it’s my deceased banker grandpa…or grandma! We keep smelling smoke, though no one smokes around here anymore. So it’s either D’s dad or my chain-smoking grandma…


  3. My favorite has nothing to do with ghosts: A big bird that says “Peek a boo” in this whiney learing voice. My mom was visiting and she sleeps sans undies (did NOT need to know that). Early one morning, she stepped over bigbird to check on one of the girls. “Peek a boo!” came from under her long gown as she stepped across his face, and she was screaming down the hallway. Ahh! That was priceless.


  4. Oh, those mystery guests are fun. You’re not crazy. Unless I am too. Which is totally possible 😉We had that wind two days ago. The trees finally changed and them….boom! naked trees. Ah well, that means it’s time to start doing my snow dance in the backyard.xoxos


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