My Office

After Kelly posted snaps of her office, I decided I’d like to post a picture of my very similar office. To the left is my corner of the couch office where I spend 12-16 hours a day writing and doing my job.

It comes equipped with a laptop, a cell phone, and the fleece blanket (on the back of the couch). Also featured here is the yucky gold stripy wallpaper over the stairs which lead down to where my real but unused office is located. Luckily, I face away from that wall. Everything else is dark blue with white trim. Actually, I like my current office. It’s in the center of the upstairs and gives me a good command point for keeping track of the kids. AND there will soon be a new addition. You’ll notice the very functional, yet non-descript laptop on my table. It will soon be switched out for my new laptop. I’m so excited. I’ve never had a new desktop or laptop computer. The new laptop should arrive next week. It’s being built right now, but I have a picture. Notice the red. Very festive don’t you think, lol. Good thing red is good year round.

In other news, I got a review for On Your Knees from The Romance Studio (TRS). The reviewer gave me 4 hearts and says: I thought that On Your Knees was a wonderful story and I will be on the look out for more from this talented author.


Work’s coming along well on my next story although my job is getting in the way of my productivity. Isn’t that the way of jobs, anyway? I love my job though so this isn’t anything close to a complaint. However, I need to get my hiney in gear and get finished. I plan to spend several hours on it tonight…perhaps an excerpt tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “My Office

  1. I’m going to save that picture and every time I get lonesome to see you, I’m going to pull it up and pretend I’m on the other couch and you’re in the kitchen and I’ll yell stuff to imaginary you.Is that weird?


  2. Jennifer that’s just creepy. LOL.Brynn your laptop is the same color as my car. They called it “salsa red” which is even more festive. Love it. And yes, you even sit on the same side of the couch I do. Being central is not to be sneezed at. My fleece blanket (red, are you surprised) is on my lap as we speak.


  3. Gorgeous laptop. I think I’m jealous. Hmmm. I can see that I’m not at all with it. I don’t have a couch and if I did, I have no lap to put my computer on… Sigh. Maybe some day.


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