I read. A lot. For my job and for pleasure. My husband is always ribbing me about how many books I have. Good thing my ebooks take up far less space. Occasionally, I come across an absolutely atrocious description or phrase that makes me shudder. The one I am about to share is the worst. I won’t say if it is an old book or new, ebook or paper, male or female author. I’ll just say bad. Very bad. Please God do not ever write this:

Pecker snot

That’s all I’m saying. I’ll leave you with that.

I think I threw up a little in my mouth…

9 thoughts on “Advice

  1. Yeah…that is nasty. I hope the writer was not using that in a sexy passage. It sounds like a diseased penis malady. That is gross. I too threw up in my mouth a little. I cannot even imagine writing that. What was the editor thinking letting that go to print? Wow, ick.Dakota


  2. Oh I so agree. It is so gross. And to repond to Dakota’s sexy passage statement – why yes, it was trying to be. There it was. Smack dab in the middle of a blow job. And then…I was done.


  3. Whew. I got a widdle nervous, I must say. I thought…uh oh, has she dipped into my book? What’d I say? But I didn’t say that. I would remember saying that. Cause I would a thrown up a little in my mouth too. And I have to ask, what person writes that thinking: man, that is hot. Now I’m all horny…?*shudder*


  4. Ugh! and during a blow job too? I think that heightens the gross factor.There’s this senator in Indiana named Dick Lugger (pronounced Looger) does this not sound nasty? Like the offending author’s description? How do you go through life with a name that sounds like Penile Upchuck? I’d go by Richard for sure.


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