Master Me Available NOW

Whoo hoo!! The new book is out today with Ellora’s Cave. It’s book three of the Cress brothers. This book features Max, the third Cress son.


Ana knows she’s a submissive but hasn’t ever found a real Dominant. Bad boys had never lived up to their reputations and most Doms had turned out to be nothing more than bullies. When her longtime friend Max surprises her by turning her over his knee for the spanking she’s always wanted, her body explodes with long repressed desire.

Max knows it’s time to stop hiding his lifestyle from Ana. It might destroy their friendship but he can’t watch her destroy herself instead. He offers to temporarily train her then help her find a Dom. But now that she’s kneeling at his feet, they both discover exactly what she’s needed all these years. Max’s mastery will be anything than temporary.

In other news, my grandmother had her pacemaker replaced on Monday and I spent the entire day at the hospital with her. She’s doing great and is home and causing trouble as usual. I, on the otherhand, am wondering if there is such thing as a total sinus replacement. I’d like one please. Where can I sign up? I might actually have to break down and (shudder) go to the doctor. It feels like someone’s been beating the side of my head with a steel pipe and I’m bruised from the top of my head to the back of my right ear. Yuck!!

My new Lynsay Sands book is easing my pain. She’s my very favorite author and I’ve been dying for her new book to come out. This is the first of three that she has three months running – Jan, Feb and Mar. Happy Reading to me!!!

10 thoughts on “Master Me Available NOW

  1. I don’t know about an elf costume but he was on the covers of Wedding Jitters and On Your Knees. This is three of four covers now. He’s easily recognizable by his different colored nipples.


  2. Hahaha…I actually asked my dr about a sinus replacement, and he said you can’t replace holes in your head! Guess we’re stuck, dear…want to go back in time with me and cure the ancestors who ‘cursed’ the family genes??


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