My day – the numbers

Books edited: 2
Books completed: 0
Written (book 1): 4,582
Written (book 2): 8 handwritten pages
Episodes of Charmed: 6
Homework papers proofed: 6
Teachers Met with: 4
Minutes of DDR: 40
Laundry: 1
Emails: A record breaking 7. I think that’s an all-time low.

I don’t know…it was a slow day. Nothing much to say.

Interestingly, today was the first day I finally began to feel better. I had a sense of focus and clarity I’ve been missing since November. My muse returned-finally-and along with him came amazing peace. It was surreal. And absolutely perfect. Yeah, it was the perfect day.

10 thoughts on “My day – the numbers

  1. Thanks everyone 🙂Molly-I’m watching the last two disks of season three. I have season four waiting. The finale of three and the beginning of four is quite irritating. I’m picking their transition apart. I know Shannon put them in a bad spot but I think they could have done better.Kelly-what kind of chapter issues? I’ve been having a problem with a key point in my story which I’ve just figured out. FINALLY. I hate when it’s hanging there just out of reach. Thank God, I’ll be done with this story today. It’s been the story which will not end. And not because it’s super long. Sigh.


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