Hey! Ya wanna?

As of tomorrow, I’m starting Wednesday Wonder Writer interviews. If you’d like to be one of the wonder writers, leave me a note letting me know ya wanna. I promise to make it pretty painless.
My first wonder writers are:

Jan. 30 – Ashley Ladd

Feb. 6 – Bronwyn Green

Feb. 13 – Jennifer Armintrout
Feb. 20 – Dakota Rebel
So if you want some exposure, indecent or otherwise, or you have a book to promo, let me know!

Moving on… It’s time for anothor excerpt from Tribute for the Goddess (available at Total-e-bound).


Jett extricated herself from his arms.

“This is nice,” she said, looking around the spacious room that cost him a fortune in this city. She skirted the sunken living room and headed toward the wall of windows. He knew the view was breathtaking, but tension rolled off her as she stared down at Central Park. He admitted to himself that, in her lifetime, she’d probably seen beauty that surpassed his imagination, so the view might be run-of-the-mill to her.

She gave a subtle roll of her shoulders before wrapping her arms over her middle. It tempted him to ask again what bothered her. She probably wouldn’t explain. Far be it for a goddess to answer to a mortal. Hey, if she didn’t want to admit she was stressed, fine, but he wanted to know what had just happened. The three mountains of doom who’d menaced them in the throne room gave him a pretty good clue.

“Where have you taken me?” she asked before he could question her.

“New York City.”

Her shoulder pressed to the window as she watched the constant motion below them. “It is so…busy.”

He glanced at Fifth Avenue with its endless flow of traffic, littered with taxicabs. Even at this height, he knew if they went out on the balcony, they’d hear the continuous bleat of
horns. People, like streams of ants, hurried to home for the evening.

He loved Manhattan.

“They’ll have a hell of a time finding you here. Of all my territories, this is the place most rife with magic.”

She nodded sagely, as if she’d known it all along. “This will be good.”

Her never-show-weakness attitude warred with the new vulnerability he saw. She didn’t seem to be trying to hide it from him, either. He didn’t want her to hide anything from him. Ever. That surprised him as did the sudden proprietary and protective feelings coursing through him. He needed answers, because no one was going to hurt her. He wouldn’t allow it.

“What was that about back there?” he demanded. “Who’s after you?”

She arched a delicate eyebrow but didn’t call him on his tone. In the past, she might have given him a mild smiting, after all she was his goddess and dictated respect. Now she shrugged and turned back to the view. “That was Airyon and his brothers. He thinks to make me join with him.”

Hell no, she won’t join with him! Everything inside Thad protested. He might despise her with every fibre of his being, but she was his goddess. He wasn’t sharing her with anyone. Or letting anyone take her.

The lights in the room dimmed as if hit by a brown-out then flicked back to normal. Jett’s spine went stiff, and she wheeled from the window. “Where is the bedroom?”

“You want to sleep?”
She nodded gravely. “With you…

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  1. Oi. I write erotica. If you’re looking for another, I’d love to spruik yank with you.My Caveman book got a releasing date. It’ll be out on March 20th. Hot Under the Collar


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