An Economy Booster

Anyone who lives in the US knows we’re having major economical issues right now. It’s a pain in the rear, but I’ve recently learned that there is one event which counteracts the economic slowdown…Britney Meltdown! I wish I was kidding. The recent article I read stated that whenever Britney Spears has one of her outbursts (violent episodes, public crying jags, disputes with authority, drinking binges, out of control partying, etc.) there is a surge in sales for disposable commodities and impulse items. Magazine sales sky-rocket! If she buys Starbucks, their sales go up too. Personally, the continual coverage of her antics is enough to make me want a stiff Jack…

Hmm…enough of that. It’s too early in the day for stiff Jack or Johnny or George or Alan… Sorry guys, I have a headache. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be The Seat Dancin’ Mix. What you’ve never heard of my special music mix? I’m surprised. It has a rather wide circulation around here as I blast it from my car…

I usually call it Seat Dancin’ Eighties but part of the songs are from earlier decades. The first song on the CD is RESPECT heralding from the 1960’s. I still listened to the song heavily in the eighties…and nineties…and the new millennium…Following that is music mostly recorded and released in the eighties.

Axel F…The Theme Songs for Miami Vice and Beverly Hills Cop…Push It (the ultimate attitude song)…Play That Funky Music (1976)…Funkytown (despite the title that would lead you to believe this is from the seventies, it was released in 1980)…Keep Me Hanging On (the ultimate I’m-ready-to-be-over-you-so-go-away song)…People Are People…Blasphemous Rumors…Personal Jesus…Don’t Stop [Thinking About Tomorrow] (1977-technically the version I have is a live eighties re-release)…Let’s Go All the Way…I Touch Myself (Hey! It destroyed the Fembots. It can destroy my inner critic)…Walk Like A Man (The Divine version of course)…It’s Raining Men (1979)…Parents Just Don’t Understand.

Eclectic? Yeah, I know. But if you weren’t running for the hills, you’d find that this really is a seat-dancing mix. You can’t help it. Having a bad day? This mix will make you smile. Having a great day? Same thing. Except for a tiny downer in the middle which I’m going to remix and remove, it’s just a feel good CD. I’m going to replace that song with REM Losing My Religion.

I need some seat dancin’ power writing. In addition to the book I’m writing to send to Ellora’s Cave, I discovered that I must have forgotten a book I’m writing for Total-e-bound. Oops. I’m writing a ménage book for the Brit Party Anthology. It’s yummy. It’s hot. It’s a triad of fun. Mmm…Mmm…Mmm…Good.

7 thoughts on “An Economy Booster

  1. I like triads of fun…and Depeche Mode.Something just occurred to me. Maybe Britney isn’t having a breakdown. Maybe she’s just being altruistic and doing her part to stimulte the economy. Or not.


  2. Your economy sucks and it’s starting to make ours suck with all the strange money deals going on over there. Can you people snap out of it please? As for Britney, all I will say is you never knows what goes on in someone’s mind and I’m not about to judge the mental processes of another.


  3. Alas, I have no musical talent at all and envy anyone who does. I can hum “Happy Birthday” and that’s it. Writing CD mixes is my ultimate dream but it shall remain just that. . .a dream.Dear Ms. Spears is keeping many people employed. Bless her heart.


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