Photo Meme

Ashley Ladd tagged me for the photo meme a few weeks ago, and I’m finally getting to it now. So here goes:

1. Feel free to tag yourself. Let me know if you have. (I tagged a few people at the end of my post)
2. Answer the questions by typing your answers into Photo Bucket
3. Pick a pic that answers and insert it in your post.
4. You can’t copy the persons answers who posted this before you.

What is:

Your age on your next birthday
A place you’d like to visit

Favourite object

Favourite Place
Favourite Food
Favourite Animal
Favourite Colour

Town where you were born
Town where you live now
Name of your pet
First name of the one you Love
Your nickname
Your Middle name
Bad habit (s)

* First job

Grandmother’s name
Favourite book (this whole series)Who I’m tagging…

Bronwyn Green
Dakota Rebel
Jennifer Armintout
Molly Daniels
Have fun!

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