Tagged again…

Hey I don’t mind. It makes a quickie blog easier… Okay, here goes:

Six random things about me. The rules: Post these rules on your blog and links where appropriate. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. Tag six random people and let them know they’ve been tagged. (I was tagged by Ashley Ladd)

I’ve done this before so look here for my previous six answers. But since I’m multi-faceted, here are six more Brynn Paulin facts:

1. I am a candle whore. I love candles. I spend lots of money on candles. And I burn them all year long.

2. I collect sunglasses. Of course, I frequently don’t have a pair with me when I go out… I really need a keeper.

3. I suffer from migraines. The lovely kind where I lose vision for about 20 minutes before the pain hits.

4. I don’t like people in my space. I enact the arm rule. If I can stretch out my arms and touch you, you’re too close. My husband is exempt.

5. At last count, I had 117 WIPs — obviously not all active.

6. I like Coke, but not Diet Coke. I like Diet Pepsi, but not Pepsi. And I should have neither diet drink because I’m allergic to Nutrasweet.

I’m not tagging anyone because you either don’t do memes or you’ve already been tagged. If I’m wrong and you haven’t been tagged, please tag yourself.

Bonus #7. I’m a rule breaker.


6 thoughts on “Tagged again…

  1. I do tarts instead of candles but I burn them all the time. Love the way it makes the place smell.Also really don’t like nutrasweet. It gives me headaches and tastes nasty. And on the wip, you have me outdone by a mile. Finish some of them!


  2. I hate nutrasweet; I was raised on saccharine. And my sis is allergic to aspartame.So if I can’t get REAL sugar or Sweet-n-Low or Sugar Twin (do they even still make it??), I stick with water. Even Splenda’s not sweet enough. And it takes 4 or more Equal to even get close to 2 pkgs of S-N-L:)


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