Office 360

Today I thought I’d play a round of Office 360 and show everyone where I work.

This a view of my office from the doorway. Please ignore all the cords on the back wall…I try to. Because of where my outlet is and my setup, I don’t have a lot of choices for power right now. Straight on you’ll see my two computers–the laptop likes to travel around the house with me.

This is the view to the right. Side by side five-shelf book shelves. These are mainly filled with books on the middle ages, military, weapons, poisons, police procedures and general writing resources.

This is the one shelf that isn’t all books. My drawing dummy lives here as does Bomb Squad Barbie. She’s hiding in the corner behind the snowman cup. She’s also the one who stole my house fairy’s clothes because she needed the Bomb Squad uniform. She and dummy here, help me make sure my characters can actually do what I’m trying to make them do. Also on this shelf is my bowl of rocks. Toward the front of the shelf are two bracelets–one made for me by Jennifer Armintrout and one made by Bronwyn Green.

This is my main working surface. It’s usually not clean… The white board is where I write goals like a to-do list but I usually don’t do them. In front of that looks like books, but those are actually a bunch of notebooks. I carry one with me all the time. These are all dated and full of writing and ideas and notes all the way back to 2001.

And finally, this is the back of my office. The pretty framed pictures were a Christmas gift from Bronwyn a few years ago. The small brownish picture (with the glare on it) on the right is also from her. She gave it to me when I finaled in a contest a gadzillion years ago. Toward the bottom of the pic is the white board I use to plot my books using the Heros Journey and three act structure.

Just a little slice of life…
I received a lovely peer to peer review today from Desiree Holt on Incubus. She said: Brynn Paulin has written a very unusual love story that draws the reader in from page one. Her characters are so well defined we readily identify with them, and feel their pain and anguish as well.If you want to curl up with a really good romance with very, very hot, well-written sex, this is the book for you.
Thanks Desiree!

9 thoughts on “Office 360

  1. I miss my private office. Mine is out in the open in what used to be the dining room. Now it’s 1/3 daughter’s room, 1/3 toy area, and Mom gets the wall with the desk! If I ever find a decent picture of it, I’ll put it up!


  2. My “office” is in the living room which is not a living room at all. It’s part library and part office with a slice of greenhouse. Eventually, I will move into the room next to it with a real desk, etc., bookshelves and all that other good stuff.


  3. It’s nice to get to know you a little better. My office is either Borders cafe, my bed (I use a laptop usually), or my downstairs computer which is in the dining room. Obviously, I don’t have an office – no space with 4 kids still at home and only a 3 bedroom house. I can’t even use the garage as the oldest kid still at home has claimed it for his bedroom. One of these days…


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