A slightly new look

Well after six months of blogging, I decided it was time to change up my look–a little. A small remodel, if you will. I liked the other look, but I wanted something a bit…more. And different. I apologize to anyone who happened to stop by either Saturday or Sunday while I was playing around. At one point, I’d managed to turn the whole thing pepto-pink. Not pretty. Thank goodness I’d saved my html.

In other construction news, I created a town yesterday. On paper. Street names are tributes to my three RT roomies. Business names are nods to my previous books. And dang…it was a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. At least I know where my characters live. I also managed to do fairly passable character sketches for my current characters.

I guess now I better get writing…

5 thoughts on “A slightly new look

  1. OOoo that sounds like fun! I’ve never created a town on paper before. I did create an architectural rendering of the house in More Than Words. It was a blast. Spent 12 hours on it one day to get all the rooms exactly where I wanted them.


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