Thanks Dakota! Thanks Bronwyn!

Thanks so much to Dakota Rebel for taking over my spot at the Total-e-bound blog today. Check it out. She written an excellent and thoughtful article on emotions.

I have special thanks to the BEST SEAMSTRESS IN THE WORLD too. The awesome Ms. Bronwyn Green presented me with my fairy ball dress yesterday and I must say that she rocks my socks off. She did a fabulous job with some pretty bitchy fabric.

Yesterday, I picked up my dress for the EC party. Is it a Golden Age of Hollywood dress? No. Not really. But I love it. I will definitely be cleavage-e-rrific in it, that’s for sure, although that’s not why I love the dress. It’s just pretty.

I officially started packing yesterday. I must say, it’s a bit more intensive than I’m used to. I’m usually so laid back when I travel that I don’t think about what shoes I’ll wear with what outfit and my God what jewelry. Not so this time around. I swear I need different luggage for my shoes, jewelry and make-up. I need a rolling bag just to carry all my hair product and gear. Thank goodness I’m not flying. I suspect by Sunday night I’ll be a wreck. It will be a great time though. I really can’t wait.

I got my cover flat for Tribute for the Goddess yesterday. I can’t share it yet, but it’s beautiful. I love it. I also got the cover for the anthology I’m in with Carol Lynne, Bronwyn Green and Lacey Thorn. It’s called Legend and will be out June 30.

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