Recap Day One – And we drove…

Bronwyn and I started out the day early by driving halfway across the state to meet with Lacey Thorn and Cindy Spencer Pape at Cindy’s house. And then we were off. It was a great trip with no problems. We stopped at Ellora’s Cave about halfway way to Pittsburgh and met the staff there. They were all wonderful. Raelene, who oversees all the editorial staff (and I know oversees a whole lot more) took time out of what has to be a horrendously busy pre-RT schedule and took us on a tour of the building. It was great to see their office and see where the books are made. The man in charge of the printing presses (Randy) took us for a full tour and showed us each step of the printing process. While there we met Manaconda, the office mascot—a real live python!

Then we were off again, arriving in Pittsburgh around 6 PM. We checked in and had a cute bell boy take us up to our room—what a flirt! The room… Tiny does not begin to describe it. The closet sucks and doesn’t have enough space. My dresses bunch up at the bottom because the hanging area isn’t tall enough. There isn’t adequate drawer space either. My clothes are destined to be squished in my suitcase the entire trip which means I’ll have to iron!!! Yuck!

Once we sort of settled in and all jumped on our computers to check email, we were off. We met up with Kaenar Langford and took a brief walking tour of the surrounding area. No, we’re not that healthy. We were looking for food. We ended up finding a tiny Greek Restaurant with excellent food. We laughed the whole time while Kaenar told us outrageous stories of her experiences doing research for her new book. By the time dinner was over and we walked back, there wasn’t much to do…except GO TO THE BAR!

Again, off we went. I tried to call a few friends to have them join us, but no dice. Then we’d been in the bar for a whole five minutes, when I realized that a woman sitting nearby and telling another patron about her books was my email friend who I’d tried to contact to join us at the bar. Enter MA Ellis. Our group was now six, and we had a lovely visit. Soon we were seven as Ann Jacob’s son came over to join us. What a hoot!

Then, back to the room to fall into bed. Today, I’m looking forward to meeting Desiree Holt who’s rooming with Cindy. I’m also excited to meet Kelly Kirch and Anny Cook who should be arriving today. I can’t wait for Carol Lynne to get here, as well as my RWA chapter mates and friends, Cheryl Sterling and Jennifer Armintrout. Other than meeting with friends, there’s not much going on today until tonight when things will kick off with the Ellora’s Cave Virgin’s party. Yes, I am a virgin—at least in the RT sense. I have a feeling there will be a lot more than first timers there. It will be great to meet the other Ellora’s Cave authors.

More tomorrow.


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