Recap and Home Again

Friday was a whirlwind. We started out the day with the Ellora’s Cave brunch where they talked about the company and some of their plans, including their theme and promo plan for next year’s RT. We each received our Hollywood Star (they were beside the red carpet at the EC ball) and a lovely briefcase with the Ellora’s Cave, Cerridwen Press, Lotus Circle and Jasmine Jade logos on it. I picked up my pictures I had taken with the Mr. Romance competitors and the EC Cavemen. They turned out pretty good and I really don’t have the shocked expression of a woman who’s had one of the cavemen slide his hand up between her upper thighs. Jesus H…!

The Vampire Ball was fun despite the show which was in the words of two people at my table “Bloody Awful!” I left directly after dessert. Apparently, I was the first of a multitude. From what I hear, people were fleeing like rats on a sinking ship. About eleven of us ended up in my room. It was a bit of a wonderful recap of lunch where we’d started with five people and ended up with about twelve. That was the way of the week.

That and complaints about the facility. RT was spectacular. I will definitely go again. I had a phenomenal time with my friends and meeting people who’ve read my books and talking about my books to people who haven’t. It was an odd dichotomy. The horror of the Hilton and the wonderful convention. There were troublesome things about the convention…there always are…but it was fun nonetheless. I spent a lot of time laughing about my nametag which proclaimed me as an “aspiring author”. The RT staff did their best however to make things right all over the place when they were obviously fighting a losing battle with the hotel.

By Friday night, we decided we couldn’t take much more of the Hilton and decided to check out on Saturday. We weren’t the only ones. Talk about rats fleeing a ship… As soon as the book signing was over, the lobby was flooded with people trying to leave.

The trip home on Saturday was smooth and we talked about a bazillion things, two of which stick out in my mind: online friends and manners.

Manners first. I know the hotel had a lot of problems, but some of the staff worked their hineys off. The maid…the bellhops…Josh the wonderful bar waiter. All of them seemed genuinely shocked to be tipped and profusely thanked. What’s up with that? Aren’t people taught to tip and be polite anymore? I’m sorry, but that’s one of my pet peeves.

The other topic is online friends. I met so many of my friends at the convention and by far that was the best part of the week. I may never have seen their faces, but these were not strangers. These people are all so very special to me and it broke my heart to have to be parted from them again. But…I love the internet. Because of it, we’re never all that far apart even if we’re a world away.

Thanks for a spectacular week everyone. I can’t wait for Orlando next year.

More tomorrow. Today, I’m a bit exhausted.

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