Tempting Tamera

Imagine, if you will, an idyllic small town. Everyone knows everyone else. It’s Stepford, but without nefarious undercurrents. Perfection…

Welcome to Cranston, MI. Cranston is a special place created to cater to the lifestyles of its residents, real men and women who want the freedom to love the way they want to without the censure of mainstream society. Two men. One woman. Ménage.

Tempting Tamera is the first in the Cranston series. The next will be Boy Toys which doesn’t take place in Cranston but is connected.

Here’s what Tamera is about: A new job, a new home, a new lifestyle…

When teacher Tamera moved to Cranston to teach, she knew the lifestyle she’d encounter would take some getting used to. Though she was raised in an open-minded household she doesn’t have experience with ménage relationships therefore her attraction to her fellow teachers, Kai and Brian, takes her by surprise.

When the trio is stranded together during a freak snowstorm, Tamera discovers her attraction isn’t one sided. In fact, the men have been waiting for the opportunity to show her how perfect three can be.

Tempting Tamera is NOW AVAILABLE at Total-e-bound.

Pirates. I kinda like them…in novels, in movies. I abhor BOOK pirates. Monday I had the unfortunate experience of finding all of my books up for grabs at a pirate site. Yes, I had a bit of a fit and told all the powers that be. This is my livelihood people! Piracy is stealing! If you find someone offering free ebooks for “trade” please let the publisher know.

Addendum: I just found out that Tempting Tamera has hit the top ten at Total-e-bound!! YAY!!

7 thoughts on “Tempting Tamera

  1. Congrats on your book being on TEB’s top ten list. I hate pirates, too. So far, I’ve only found one of my books for sale on a pirate site and I let the pwoers that be know, too.


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