Just Right

I’ve read four Oh Yum books from Ellora’s Cave in the last few days. Thank goodness I can dump them on my PalmPilot. They’re nice and short and can be read quickly while I’m running about town and waiting waiting waiting.

The first one distracted me because there were NO condoms in it. I had a small fit. Trust me, I’m all for bare-back but in this case there should have been protection. It wrapped up too quickly…

The second one also wrapped up too quickly. The third one…wrapped up too quickly, although it did nearly achieve the HEA. It just needed a few more sentences…

The fourth one was JUST RIGHT!

Congrats to Katie Blu for winning this round of Book Idol. I loved Surprised by Desire. This was a mighty naughty and totally pleasing story. I loved Jason and I loved that Jenna got what she’s secretly desired. Isn’t that always the best? Katie didn’t rush to the ending and indeed delivered a satisfying HEA. And the opening scene…Whoa baby! I’m not going to tell you about it but it was great. I’ll definitely be reading more of Katie Blu. I hope she has something else out soon.

You know what else is just right? Amazon’s MP3 download option. I love it. I like that I can go there and download exactly the song I want. No more buying entire albums for one song. I can get exactly what I want for $.89 to $.99 each. Perfect. My new favorite song is This Year’s Love by David Gray. I’ll definitely be checking out more of his work. It’s perfect for what I’m writing.

Hey I have my new up-coming books listed to the left. Check them out. I have a m/m time travel, a contemporary ménage, a contemporary reincarnation, and two medieval stories coming up. Legend, which is the first book listed, actually has two of my stories in it. It’s an anthology with Carol Lynne, Lacey Thorn and Bronwyn Green.

Speaking of my books…Tempting Tamera is now #4 at Fictionwise and #8 at All Romance Books. It’s surreal and completely unbelievable to me. I wouldn’t trade it. It’s just right.

4 thoughts on “Just Right

  1. Wow, I have that Oh Yum, I just haven’t read it yet. I suppose I need to find some time today and get ‘er done.She’s a newbie in our publishing group. Sounds like she found a fit.


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