Okay, Fine (Whiners!!!)

Okay, fine. I will post a longer blog, lol.

So today, I am breaking my chains for two days and going camping with the Scouts. For those of you who don’t know it…I hate camping. I really do. With an undying passion. But yet…here I go. I swear it’s like Clueless goes camping whenever I go — and it always rains. Always. We’re not supposed to have rain this weekend though.

Here’s hoping.

I’m taking along work. Both the writing sort and the 9-5 sort. I’m hoping to make a dent in one of my manuscripts though. It’s a medieval so maybe this back to nature and no amenities time will help. I’ll pretend my bottle of Coke is mead, okay. And the Oreos, that’s charred pheasant, don’t you know. Tasty. My hair will be pulled back into and intricately crafted ponytail while I will be wearing my very best handmade and embroidered hose and tunic — well, I will be wearing boy clothes. My best frock won’t do. Thank goodness, my fire-making skills are up to par or I might starve…and freeze.

Yep, that will do. I’ll have the book done in a snap.

See you later…maybe…if I survive the wyld beasties.

10 thoughts on “Okay, Fine (Whiners!!!)

  1. Yay, whining wins again. See, this is why our children do it so often.Have fun with the camping. Try to avoid the mosquitos this time if you can. Hopefully since it is cooler out they will go to sleep before they get a chance to go vampiric on your ankles.I do not at all envy you. I hate, HATE camping. I hate it so much that they couldn’t even drag me along this year. I put my foot down and it will stay put on city soil thank you very much.XoXoXoDakota


  2. Please tell me you are taking all of those Hershey bars back to camp with you. I am terrified that when I come out there in September you are going to try to slip them into my bag or something.XoXoXoDakota


  3. Last year, I wrote some of my (cough)best work while on a BSA campout…Not this year. Gonna be promoting during the day, but might still get some work done; you never know.Glad you’re back! Missed you…


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