5000 Words Later

Chunking away at the latest WIP. Yesterday, I wrote 5000 words on the correct manuscript. That’s always a plus since my brain usually wants to work on something else when I have a deadline. If I stay on schedule, I’ll be done with the manuscript on Monday. Once I turn it in, I will most definitely be sharing the blurb (still to be written) and an excerpt. There’s a new picture of my hero Calen to the left

Yesterday, I spent a large chunk of time at Panera writing my little fingers off. Can I say thank goodness for Panera? I love that place. Great food and great little writing space. I sat by the fireplace, put on my headphones and let my fingers fly.

I’m glad I did. Drama ensued as soon as I got home. My kids, you see, have an addiction to an online video game that I’m desperately trying to break. It’s not making me very popular. The second I walked in the door they started begging to go online. My answer was a big fat no. Yep. I’m not the one they love most anymore. I’m afraid my points in the poll will further drop when school starts and all video games and TV are banned during the school week. Being the mom…not an easy task.

And OMG…I have a high schooler!!!! My oldest starts high school next week. How did that happen? Kindergarten doesn’t seem all that long ago. The reality came sailing home this past week when we received the letter about 9th grade orientation. High school! I think I managed to sort of overlook and ignore this (and not feel so old about, lol) until now because he won’t be making a huge change to a new school. The school my kids attend goes from K to 12. He’ll have new teachers, new responsibilities, and new structure for his day, but he’ll be on the same campus in the same building where he’s been for the last three years. I think my hair is going gray just thinking about this.

Things to do today:
1. Check hair color.
2. Spend some time with your Maker.
3. Give your kids hugs. Holy smokes they grow up fast.

4. We all love Night Owl Romance. Go check out the interview with them on the Romance Books R Us blog.

6 thoughts on “5000 Words Later

  1. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact I have a Junior, an 8th grader, and W starts Kdgn next year!My hair started going gray when my oldest was 12:)Hugs to P, Kelly:) Hope she feels better!


  2. Tell me about it – how fast the kids grow up. My grandson’s birthday is today – he’s 9. My youngest is in his last year of middle school this year. My second youngest is a senior in high school so she’ll be in college next year and she’ll 18 in 1 1/2 weeks. My middle child will be 25 in four days. And I have two OLDER children. Eegads! Where does the time go?


  3. Yep high school is one of those landmarks. So is HS graduation. And uh, Basic Training graduation (Navy)… yeh that’s a big jolt. Marriage… and the real big one…”Mom I’m pregnant!”Best wishes kid. Enjoy!


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