The Black Box

How many hours did I spend playing with the black box yesterday?? Way too many. Thank you very much Ashley Ladd.

I bet you might have too. If you landed here via the box, leave a message. Tell me where you’re from in blogland.

ADDENDUM: Today is national Chocolate Milkshake day. Have one on me.


13 thoughts on “The Black Box

  1. If there is a lack of books released in four to six months, the world will know why. They will be able to trace it back to the day the writers stopped writing and started playing with “The Box.”Ooh, dirty. LOL.XoXoXODakota Rebel


  2. Chocolate milkshake day? I gotta have one!You’re welcome about that black box thing. LOLOL. I’m afraid Dakota could be right. The black box is the end of books as we know them.I need to find out how to make me a cool widget like the black box. Go viral marketing. Although everybody’s too busy in this case playing the black box game to read anyone’s books.


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