Boot Camp: Day Five Thousand Ten

Can I just say…I love water aerobics. After surviving the water nazi on Monday and aching all day from it Tuesday, I feel great today. Let’s face it. I felt great those two days, too. I love going. It’s fun and I just feel good when I’m done. OMG…are these the endorphins I’ve heard tell of? Anyway, it’s doing great things for the body too. I lost six lovely pounds in the last week. Six!!! Whoo hoo! Unofficially it’s more than that, but that would be because of a gain I didn’t count last week…so it’s actually more like ten. I really have been working my rear off (snort). Wouldn’t it be nice if every week was like this?

Well, I guess it’s good that they’re not otherwise there’d be nothing of me left. I’d just fade away… And while some people might not mind, most of the time my family likes to have me around. Anyway, I love the workout. I like the people I’m slashing about with, too. It’s just fun.

Totally changing gears…I entered Tribute for the Goddess in the EPPIES this morning. I also asked my publisher to enter the Legend anthology – which they did. Brit Party was also entered so technically I have four books entered (since two are in Legend). Now I get to be all uber-nervous. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve sent a book for a contest? Probably too long. Years.

Back when I started writing I entered contests all the time. With some of the very snarky comments I got back, it’s a wonder I kept writing. I was just a novice. I was just learning. That’s part of what unpublished contests are for. I didn’t need mean comments. To be fair, I got my fair share of good comments (from other judges) too. It’s a rough gig, the contest circuit. I got better and better. I was a finalist. I became a sought-after judge too. That’s when I made the transition. Entrant to judge. I stopped entering contests. Today I was reminded that I kinda miss it. And at least with a contest like this, no one can say: your hero’s a jerk.

Oh the fun.


7 thoughts on “Boot Camp: Day Five Thousand Ten

  1. Congratulations. I have the worst luck with exercise. Every time I start trying to do something regularly I get injured. Tendonitis, broken foot, dislocated knee, pneumonia, etc.Good luck on the contests. You’ll do great because your work is so good.


  2. Good for you! I love water aerobics; took it in college. My parents are finding out the benefits of it too.Fingers crossed on the EPPIE’s…with 4 entered, you’re bound to win at least one, right? Would you be making history if all 4 won?


  3. I think that sometimes with contests, judges don’t mean to sound so snarky, but it’s hard to convey what they mean in the little space on the form without sounding curt.Of course, then there are judges who seem to want to just destroy all the other writers in the world.


  4. Forgot to add…I’m getting my own regular exercise right now. With my van out of commission until we get the fuel pump replaced, I walk the toddler to school and back 4 times a week (about 2 1/2 miles round trip!). I’m feeling it this week!


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