I’m Not THAT Old

So…seriously, there are these moments when I get hit by these age things. Yesterday my brothers were talking while I was finishing preparing food in the kitchen and one says to the other, “At least you’re not forty.”

Excuse me!

I glared at them and the back-pedalling began. “Well don’t they say forty is the new twenty?” I was asked. The little brothers got the look of death, let me tell you. Do you know who said that ‘it’s the new twenty’ junk? Someone who’s already forty.

Anyway, today, yahoo music had a blog about the top 25 teen idols of all time. Davy Jones made #1. My son looks at me and says, “whoever that is.” Whoever that is? Come on! Davy Jones! Okay, I can cut the fourteen year old a little slack. I mean, technically Davy Jones was before my time…but geez, he’s an icon. Kids today have no culture.

Okay, it’s entirely possible I’m a great big geek.

For the record, the teenager has no clue who David Cassidy is either.

: My husband says…who’s Davy Jones?


7 thoughts on “I’m Not THAT Old

  1. Yeah, I just polled my kids and while they didn’t recognize the names, when I said The Monkees and Partridge Family, they said, ‘Oh I’ve heard of THEM…’Daughter thought I was talking about the Davy Jones of the sea…KIDS!


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