Talked to my dad on the phone yesterday. I miss him but I don’t get to see him much since he lives in Florida and has been spending huge amounts of time in Australia. I’m planning to leave RT one afternoon/evening that I’m there and spend it with my dad. He might come to the big Saturday book signing to see me too. That would be cool.

So…have you every heard of a foodie? I decided today that I’m a bookie. Not the kind that takes bets, no the kind that’s surrounded by books. Let me take you on a tour of bookie-ness.
One way that you know you are dealing with one who is a bookie is that there are books everywhere. Not tossed about, but in every room. In my living room I have a 5-shelf bookshelf. Filled. My husband’s desk also has books in various locations—not all his books, either. There’s also a two shelf table with…books. Yes there are a few on the coffee table.

A bookie lives here.

The kitchen…there are always a few. I’ve been known to read and cook. There are about ten in the bathroom on a small shelf. The family room has a huge bookshelf that holds books from my youth. My entire sets of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books as well as a few Bobbsey Twins and Hardy Boys and a ton of miscellaneous others. My nearby office has two 5-shelf cases jammed with research books. Yes there are other books on the shelf above my desk…and on my desk.

A bookie’s children always have books and mine have books littered throughout their rooms. And then there’s my room…the true testimony. I have two bookshelves in my room mostly filled with books. Old books. Some new books. Books I read repeatedly. And beside my bed…

Well, the books I have there show the spectrum of my reading. There are two stacks of romance novels…at least thirty. There are two different bible study books for different groups. I’m also reading 3:16 by Max Lucado and Joseph by Chuck Swindoll. I’m partway through a book about alternate uses for everyday items (I never knew you could use lemon juice for so many things). There are two books on London and one each on the art and architecture of London and Paris. There’s a book on characterization and three inspirational nonfiction books. Finally, there’s a copy of Brother Odd by Dean Koontz.

I’m a bookie. I’m a reader. Look around your living spaces and tell me…are you one too?

9 thoughts on “Bookie

  1. Of course, I am. Six book cases and then… the spares… Books on LOTS of subjects. Calligraphy books, history, astronomy, survival, building, gardening, cooking… books, books, books…


  2. Oh, and at my old house, I had 2 full bookcases in my office; 4 in my front room; 1 or 2 in my family room; 3 wall shelves in my bedroom and a stack by my bed.Here, there is no place to put all of my books, so they are boxed up and in storage, including the ones I found in the basement and read already:)


  3. Mr. Jen accused me of “hoarding” books. I vehemently denied this, because they could still all fit in the shelves in my office. I was like, “I don’t buy that many books!”And then we packed up the office to get ready for La Niña. That was in… October?And I have a pile of books almost to the ceiling on my bedside table that I have collected since then.


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