The New Guard

To some of you, this post might be a little late coming, but I wanted the group I’m about to talk about to get their legs and give you something to see before I posted about them.

As most of you know, I’m a former member of the Oh Get A Grip blog. It was an awesome opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of it. I got to know Anny and Cindy better and to meet James. Dakota just moved higher on my list. What a wonderful group of people! Most of them have blogs of their own—in fact, many of them have several blogs that they participate in. I’m the same way. I have five blogs—six with Grip. We mutually decided it was time to pass the reins of the Grip to someone else. We didn’t want a really well-followed and great blog to die, but we hoped to infuse it was a revitalized life. For those of you who’ve asked over the last two weeks, no, nothing nefarious happened. I’m still friends with Anny, Cindy and Dakota. I don’t really know James, but I wouldn’t cut him dead on the street. He’s a nice guy.

I was sad to end the run on the grip, but I’m thrilled that I leave with my friendships intact—friendships I hope will endure for years to come.

Enter Lisabet Sarai. Lisabet, along with five friends, took over the blog and indeed it’s wonderful. I’ve been impressed by the layout and content of the blog. They’ve done a wonderful job. I think they’ll bring new insights that the followers of the blog will appreciate. This week they’re introducing themselves, but there are nuggets of great information involved. Like with the old Grip crew, you have a bunch of girls and one guy. There’s quite an age, background and location disparity that should lend nicely to a diverse offering. Check it out!!

And as always, I’ll be here. I’m trying to blog more often. Little Mary Sunshine, shining out for the day. I hope yours is great!


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