Writing at the Speed of Life

Can I just say…

I wish I was writing at the speed of life. Right now, life has run me over and I’ve gotten my foot caught in the brake line and it’s kind of dragging me along at 80 miles per hour. The house. Trashed. The writing. Slow. The job. Could I have 20 more hours a week, please? The family. Cranky. Sick. In need of hugs—which they’ve been getting frequently.

It’s not that anything earth-shattering is happening. I just have about a million and twelve projects going on and I’m working on all of them at once. I’m sure you know how that goes. I’m a multi-tasker. Well, obviously.

As I write this blog, I’m also working on my current manuscript. Do you feel aroused? I’m in the middle of a sex scene. I’m also watching to let the dog in from the backyard. A minute ago I was IMing synopsis help and counseling my child to change out of his school uniform. I guarantee in an hour he still will not have done it.

Held captive between the two of them, her senses exploded. The sharp pine-spice scent of them, the cinnamon taste of Leo, their heat, the rasp of their male skin to hers, the sound of their excited breathing, her heart pounding in her ears…

Oops…that was supposed to be in the manuscript. I better check it for my grocery list.

Have a lovely Friday!!! Oh! And don’t forget to shoot over to the Writer’s Evolution blog. Today is editor day!


11 thoughts on “Writing at the Speed of Life

  1. Not so much. I usually take a block of three or four days every month and do nothing except watch movies, stare at the wall, read, or something else low-key. the rest of the month, it’s full tilt ahead.


  2. Oh, don’t worry. I’ve lost count over how many times I’ve come across things like “1 carton of milk, tampons, butter” in a book. Honest. Eventually people just stop noticing.


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