Personality Tests

So I had to take a personality test yesterday for a class I’m taking today. The results weren’t a huge surprise. The surprise was that the test is a new incarnation of a test I took ten years ago. The results were the same. Shocker. So later today, I’ll be faced with the instructor telling me I can’t possibly be this personality type, because it’s rare and conflicted. I figure since I got the same results on a test taken so many years apart, it’s probably accurate. The instructor then pegged it pretty well: Do you fight with yourself all the time?

Well, yes. I do. A lot.

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of personality tests. Ironically, many of those people believe in astrological signs, Chinese horoscopes, numerology, magazine quizzes or any number of arbitrary things that ‘determine’ a person’s mode of behavior. Is saying certain people act in a particular way because they were born in March any different than saying you have a certain personality type and therefore you act this way? I don’t think so. Actually with a personality test you have less “predestination” so to speak.

So…my point. Apparently, I’m a leader type. Anyone shocked? I value intelligence. I’m peeved by idiocy. Again, surprised? I’m…well, let’s say particular. I’m opinionated. I research until my head aches just so that I know I’m RIGHT. The test pretty much said all that. Anyone who knows me will say that’s dead on. The nice thing is the results also showed how I temper those hard line items listed above with loyalty and humor and a few other things–and my goodness, they certainly do need tempering. When I’m in a foul mood, they could cut a ten-foot-wide swath through a throng of people. Not good. But I know it and I try to rein it in on most days—you know, unless I get ticked off.

We all of our flaws…and our super powers. It’s good information to have. How better to get to where you’re going than to know yourself?

2 thoughts on “Personality Tests

  1. LOL!! Yep sounds like it pegged you. 🙂 You do know those hard line edges aren’t bad things, right? Maybe the urge to be right all the time because I live with one of those but on the other hand, if I need info, I know who to ask.


  2. Is it one of those INFP things? Because I am an INFP. And apparently we INFP people are pretty rare. So then the whole staff of the high school stared at us like we had fallen to earth from the heavens. Sadly, I cannot remember what INFP stands for other than Introverted…(neurotic, fucked up and perverted????)*snort*sorry. it is late.:)xoxosommer


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