Wanna Join Us?

Bronwyn Green and I started a challenge yesterday March 10 that will last for 4 weeks (until April 6). We each set daily/weekly writing goals and we’re going to race to get them done. The daily amount is the target, but the weekly amount is the actual goal. Bronwyn has vowed to write 10,000 a week. I have vowed to write 14,000 a week. We both have long books we’re attempting to complete. Since mine is just started, I have about 88,000 words to go. This challenge will take a chunk out of that. Anyway, if you’d like to join us please post with us!

Totally changing topic…fat-free cream cheese sucks. Blech! Just had some for breakfast and I keep trying to get rid of the taste. Icky! I will not be having that again. Like thousands of people around the world, I’m doing a diet right now. It’s going quite well. Eight weeks now. I think to continue the trend, I’m staying away from foods like fat-free cream cheese. Vile.

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