A little contest

Hmmm…so I guess I should post on my blog once in a while, huh? What’s been going on? The kids are on spring break…I completed a book and it’s been accepted. I don’t have a release date yet, but it will release in an anthology from Ellora’s Cave. I’m working on my next book for Ellora’s Cave, too. I’m hoping to have it finished before the Romantic Times Convention. Oh, yeah, I’ve been getting ready for that too. The last of my promo stuff is ordered and should get here before I leave. If not, I have enough to carry me over.

Busy, busy, busy.

As usual, I have too much to do. Doesn’t everyone? I used to keep lists to keep myself on track. I’m thinking of reinstituting that tool. I swear there are days when I feel like I wander around in circles. I know I’m not, but maybe a sheet of paper with crossed out (and accomplished, of course) tasks would make me feel like I’m getting more done.

Maybe I should stop being so hard on myself, lol.

I have had a major distraction lately. These guys have managed to become a major part of my life over the past two months and I find I’m a little addicted to their awesome TV show. Of course, I watch on DVD and Amazon video on demand. Whoever can tell me who they are (Bronwyn, not you) will be entered in a drawing for free ebook. The pair is pictured in the photo included with this post. So tell me…who are the yummy men who keep distracting me?

12 thoughts on “A little contest

  1. Awwww The yummy Men that keep me Going… Well there are so Many However For this Month The Men in my Life Belong to JR Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood. Now I am not sure how many people know this but I Love Love Love Me a Vampire.. However Warden’s Are Very Special.. They are ALL Huge in stature, Very Skilled in Killing Those who Stalk Them, Loyal to Each other Those they Love they Love Fiercely and All By One Is Straight * He’s Bi and My Favie by Far* There are so Much about them you have to love. They New Book Come’s Out in another Week or so and is the Only Paper Book I have been holding my Breath about and waiting for.. Mostly i have been stalking E-books IF i knew how to post pictures here i would Post my newest eye cant but i cant. But Know that there are many Men In my Heart that Keep me going and Many Many Many belong to my E-Book writers.Also remember I dont win alot and any suggestions for things i can offer as Bribs can be sent too. My normal address i know you already have cause you told me about your contest or silverpixies@gmail.comall my email goes into the same program.


  2. Okay, I hope I am doing this correctly (can you tell I don’t really know how to blog?).These fabulous guys are Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester of CW’s Supernatural. Thursday nights, I always look forward to Thursday nights :0)~~Jeanne’


  3. Hi I’m new to this so I hope this is the right answer but the guys are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and can I just say I cna’t wait for the next book in the Circle of Three series.Charlotte


  4. Duh. The Supernatural brothers you’ve been jonesing over. Did you reach the end of the season yet? In withdrawal? Cold sweats? Shakes?Dean (Jensen Ackles)Sam (Jared Padalecki)


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