Don’t forget…

…to check out my newsletter for my RT contest. The winner gets: a copy of Brotherly Bonds, this year’s card deck from EC, one of last year’s card decks, a set of thumb cuffs and other goodies from me. The newsletter is available HERE.
~~ Brynn

9 thoughts on “Don’t forget…

  1. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!! I need a new Deck of Tarot Cards.. My last deck was stolen from me and i have a talent for reading them!!! I NEVER WIN!!!! *whines* Slips Bryn some Flowers, Chocolates, eye candy and other things *winks*

    Silverpixies – A Homosexual Trapped in a 35yr Woman’s Body and addicted to Gay Erotica
    Every time you see a Rainbow God is Having Gay Sex.

    Can You Tell Me Were to Park The Broomstick?

    Merry We Meet, Merry We Part, Merry We Shall Meet Again.

    I Thought You Said You needed a Witch Not Bitch in Your Ad.


  2. that’s so weird. when I click it, it works. I guess it’s because it’s on my newsletter loop and I belong to it.

    If anyone would like me to email them the newsletter, let me know.


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