New Editor, New Adventure

Due to changes in my old Ellora’s Cave editor’s life, I’ve been moved to a new editor as of last week. I like my old editor. She’s great, but I’m excited. I’ve been moved to the first editor I had at that house. And she’s really great, too.

Quite a few people got moved to various editors. Things like this happen. It’s the way of publishing houses. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the wonderful group of authors with whom I was grouped, I’m not upset. Instead I’m looking at the change as a new adventure, rife with new opportunities—not too many. After all, it’s still the same house and house rules apply.

It’s ironic really. This change comes just as I’m ramping up my books for Ellora’s Cave. Many of my projects have been in la-la-land while I’ve fulfilled contractual obligations to other publishers.

I do have a book in the works at the Cave right now. Recently, a new story called Tuesday Afternoons was accepted. The release date is still to be determined, but I think it will be this year. I’ve also just contracted a new book with Resplendence Publishing. The book is called Heart of Ice and will be in the Not Quite Wicked anthology.

If you get a chance, pop over to Writer’s Evolution today. This week, we’re talking about Why We’re Writers.

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