We Can’t Afford to Wait


The health care debate has moved far away from what really matters. Millions of Americans can’t afford to wait on health care reform.

I just watched this powerful new video from MoveOn that the Courage Campaign forwarded to me. This video features a song from R.E.M. and shows real people suffering under our broken health care system.

I thought you might be interested in seeing it as well:


If you like it, please pass it on to your friends.


6 thoughts on “We Can’t Afford to Wait

  1. Thank you for posting this and the number to call.

    I have friends and family who are uninsured and my kids and I have gone without insurance several times. We're currently among the lucky few who have it, but situations can change in an instant. We need a public option NOW!


  2. I totally understand. Because of the nature of my job and my husband's job, there's no insurance in our foreseeable future. So many of my relatives are without insurance or far under-insured. So many people I know and love go without medical care or medication on a daily basis because they don't have insurance or because even with insurance their costs are so high that it's still too expensive. We do need a public option NOW.


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