The Stakeout – FAIL

An early happy birthday present for Stephanie Michels who’s into cops.

I came home from taking the kids to school and there was an unmarked police car at top of hill. About ten minutes later it pulled in front of my house which is halfway down the hill. Then suddenly another unmarked car and an SUV arrive. A few minutes later, six plain-clothed (dark shirts, khaki pants and dark windbreakers) officers troop down the hill. Two go in back of house (not mine I should point out), one goes to the garage, and two go to at door. Nothing. They talk. They look in window with flashlight. They knock and call out. They wait. Nothing. A half hour later, they leave.

But wait…

Fifteen minutes later, a huge energy utility truck pulls up to the feeder street with two guys in it. Drinking coffee. The window is down for clear view of house. Then a pickup truck from the same utility company pulls in. Two more coffee-drinking guys. Then another big utility truck. Two more guys. Two more coffees.

All the same clothes as the plain clothed officers…. Hmm….

No work. Just sitting there.

A 4th energy utility truck pulls up. The guy looks strangely at other three, but he gets to work on a legitimate project.

A sewer drain cleaner truck pulls up. Blocks view. He gets out to talk to guys in first truck since it’s blocking the drain. He loses the positioning war, trumped by the ‘utility’ (wink wink) guys. Leaves.

Brynn is irritated. They didn’t bring her coffee, and she can’t leave to go to Starbucks with this unusual and comical excitement. Unfortunately, Brynn can see, but stakeout people cannot, that suspect is now trying to get away. This should be interesting…

NOTE: I didn’t get to see the takedown. After all the foreplay, they stopped the guy after he left the street.

17 thoughts on “The Stakeout – FAIL

  1. Damn! Why do I miss all the fun?

    Actually, it sounds like the stakeout semi-worked since they got the guys at least. But wouldn't you think one of those “utility trucks” would have been posted at the bottom of the hill coming into the condos?

    Duh, Stakeout Surveillance 101.

    ~ Stephanie


  2. HA!!! OMG!! And on YOUR street? It should be noted to those reading the blog that Brynn's house t-bones a small residential street. Her street dead ends on either side of her house about five houses down and there are no big trees blockin the view of the entire small road. I'm surprised they could even FIT all those trucks.

    Ooooo. Those local cops are so so soooo stealth.


  3. Sounds to me like teh start of a great book! Hmm! Let me see! If the guy has been undercover and they don't know it, and he's really hot, and he finds a way to get into her house tomhide…hmm! do I feel a sotry coming on? So Brynn, would you like to be the heroine? BTW, the blog rocks.


  4. Brynn,

    That is brilliant. Did you phone in that they bad guy was sneeking out? Or were they able to figure that out on their own? Real life is stranger….dumber….than fiction ever could be. If you wrote all of that a bunch of people would call you on it and say that would never happen. LOL


  5. Too funny. All that foreplay and a wham, bam, you're under arrest. 🙂 At least the police got him.

    And LOVE the picture you used. I'm a huge SUPERNATURAL fan.

    Have a great day.



  6. Hmmmm. I have a feeling there would be a clump of people out talking to the “workers” if this happened where I live. They would be pointing out the escaping crook and offering to help.


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