Monday Minute Fiction – The Meet Market

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The Meet Market
(this work belongs to Brynn Paulin and cannot be duplicated without permission)

Tossing aside my glasses, I knew there was no way I could focus on this article anymore—besides, I needed serious research to make it credible. The excitement of picking up a stranger. The excitement of being someone other than yourself for a night.

Twenty minutes later, I was dressed in a garish, trashy outfit from Halloween and on my way to a bar across town. I took the bus, unwilling to drive my car. Dangerous, I knew but that was part of what I was doing. Slamming myself headfirst into a sketchy situation.

Beneath the odd outfit, I wore a skimpy thong. Already it was damp with the excitement weaving through me. Maybe it would be for naught. Maybe nothing would happen—but I doubted that. I was making myself available and I’d heard about this place—The Meet Locker. It was the ultimate meat market.

The bar was teeming with men when I stepped inside. Butterflies ricocheted around my middle as I looked around, knowing sex was minutes away. I just had to make eye contact with someone and say yes. Instant. Anonymous.

I hadn’t made it three steps before someone pressed hard behind me, his cock rigid against my back. Oh yes… His hand landed high on my thigh, already pushing up my skirt as he spoke. I shivered, so aroused, I could barely breathe.

“Hey, baby,” he rumbled into my ear.

“Hi,” I whispered.

“You wanna play?”

I hadn’t seen his face, but I nodded as I stared at the leather-clad arm that came around me.

“C’mon,” he said. I thought he was leading me to the bar, but realized suddenly that he was heading toward a dimly lit room off the side of the bar. A curtain made of chain links separated the two spaces…barely. If someone looked they’d see…us. Me. I bit my lip. Well, in for a pound. No one knew me here. That was the point.

The guy’s hand moved determinedly up my thigh. Beside the curtain, he pressed me to the wall. I closed my eyes, my forehead to the wood as his fingers slipped inside my panties. My entire body spasmed, coming to instant orgasm at the unexpected and public intrusion.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he murmured, his breath hot against my ear. “You feel so good. So wet. I want your tight pussy around my cock.” His fingers caught my chin, jerking my head roughly back and capturing my lips. I saw a flash of dark eyes and hair before I close my eyes. “You want that?” he growled.

“Yes,” I replied. No just wasn’t an option. I needed to be fucked. Now.

I opened my eyes, but he was again out of my line of sight as he pushed me through the curtain into the semi-darkness within. Music pulsed around us. Other ‘couples’ fucked, their groans punctuating the air. I wanted it to be me. It would be.

In a moment, he had me bent over a chair, my skirt shoved around my waist. An open condom wrapper fell to the floor beside us as he yanked aside my thong and drove inside my soaked pussy. I cried out at the sensation of his wide cock parting me, but it was pure pleasure. His fingers buried in my hair and pulled my head back. He rode me…it was the only way to describe it. Pulling my mane, galloping into my body. Screaming and writhing, I came and came again, my cum gushing around him and onto my thighs, his deep moaned ‘yes’ telling me it pleased him fully.

In moments, he stiffened, his fingers dug into my hips and I felt his hot seed fill the condom. Breathing heavily, we seemed to hover in suspended animation. I was still quivering and struggling for breath when he pulled free. His fingers skimmed over my ass and he leaned over me to my ear.

“Thanks, babe.”

I blinked. Thanks. Babe.

Thanks, babe?

Then I smiled. Yeah, that was exactly what I’d wanted. He was gone. I straightened my skirt and left the back room. I scanned the bar area. He could have been any one of the many men hovering around the area. A burly man, also in leather, sidled to my side.

“Wanna?” he asked, a hand on my ass, his cock grinding into my hip. Avoiding his face, I shifted and looked down at the ridge inside his leather pants. Did I wanna? My palm cupped him with lots of cock to spare, and my pussy clenched.

I grinned. “Yeah…actually, I think I do.” Slipping my fingers into his waistband, I tugged him into the room I’d just exited. With four hours until last call, I was going to have one hell of a good fucking night.

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