Who makes these things?

Have you gone shopping for a vacuum lately? If you have, you might have noticed what I have. If you haven’t, take a walk down the vacuum aisle and take a really good look. Check out the contraptions…

I’ve decided NASA is now making vacuums. My husband was with me and testing stuff out. On one vacuum, we couldn’t even figure out how to remove the dust cup. Another felt like you were breaking it while accessing the filter and debris reservoir. Several had high-tech, washable filters—well actually most. They’re all competing for best continuous suction, best pet hair removal, best filter. Almost all looked more complicated than I wanted to contemplate. When did housework become super high-tech?

After an intense twenty minutes of Vacuum Idol—way longer than I want to spend shopping for anything because I hate shopping—we decided on a Bissell. None cheaper or in the same price range compared.

I never thought the words “no, too complicated” would come out of my mouth so many times when talking about a vacuum cleaner. One actually had me quoting the movie, Apollo 13. “I suggest you gentlemen invent a way to put a square peg in a round hole.”

Seriously… there was a vacuum my husband couldn’t figure out how to put back together. All he’d done is take out the dust cup. I’m pretty mechanical and it looked like aeronautical mechanics to me. Honestly, how are we expected to have our teenagers clean if manufacturers make their “basic” machines so complicated?

I like the Bissell we chose. It’s smart and functional…and not too complicated for the average Joanna—oh! And it cleans amazingly better than the Kirby I was replacing. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Who makes these things?

  1. (Gasp) You replaced a KIRBY with a BISSELL??? (Molly faints and FIL rolls over in his grave)

    FIL sold Kirbys…

    Actually, I know what you mean. I like the one with the dust cups better, and hardly use my Gen II anymore….(FIL is still rolling over in his grave as DIL admits it!)

    Hahaha…WV is 'lash out'


  2. Wow I didn't know things were that bad. Makes me shudder to think what I'll have to go through when my mom needs a new one. I'm glad I got a Rainbow years ago, even if it about killed me to pay that much, to help with my son's allergies – it's still going strong.


  3. My hubby is in charge of all things vacuuming. I decided to help out recently when he was working late and we had house guests arriving the next day. It was my virgin attempt at using the new model he'd purchased recently. First, I caused it to “blow” instead of “suck” (which I found hysterical on numerous levels). Once I navigated that problem, I had such trouble manuvering it around – I didn't realize 'self-propelled' meant it would pull me roughly around a room – that I knocked into a table leg, sending two pictures in glass frames and a figurine to crash on the floor, thusly causing the need for more vacuuming!!!


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