To Squee and Not To Squee

First off, I want to say thanks to “D” (you know who you are) who sent me the best letter yesterday. I really appreciated what she had to say. Thank you “D”.

Okay…so, yesterday was a crazy day. My dryer is freakin’ broken. I had to go to the dreaded Laundromat! Actually, it wasn’t so bad. I used the time to do some studying. Yep, I still study. It was nice to have some downtime away from the computer.

One thing I’m studying is Dragons—specifically, my Dragons. I loaded my Cruentus Dragon books on my eReader to reread them as I settle in to work on book three in the series. I’m excited about book three. It’s my favorite theme: a reunion story. Lucan, the hero, has been separated from the heroine since he shifted into Dragon form the first time. Before that, he thought he was human. The heroine thought he was dead, and as you can imagine, she’s not pleased with him. How would you react if the lover you thought was dead suddenly returned? Stay tuned for our heroine’s reaction.

Speaking of heroines, I had a seriously girly moment yesterday—okay, I needed a segue way and this has nothing to do with heroines. Anyway. Seriously girly moment. I think Bronwyn can testify that I actually squeeeeeed at her on voice mail. I found the most perfect shoes in the whole world. This is serious business. I have big feet, not dainty cute feet like my relatives who get to wear equally cute shoes. No. Large, clunky feet. Let me tell you, finding shoes I like and that are also comfortable is nigh unto impossible. It was definitely a squee-worthy moment.

Another one of those might be cool today. Oh! Speaking of being cool…I’m over on Writer’s Evolution today. Come over and say hi!

5 thoughts on “To Squee and Not To Squee

  1. I can testify – there was total show squeeage! And zOMG, they're super fantastic – I love those shoes and wish I could steal them. But I can't walk in heels – even smallish ones – to save my life. Your awesome shoes are safe from me, B.


  2. I just finished reading Blood Bought and let me tell you…disregard those Amazon reviews! Although, I will agree that Athena is a selfish bitch, until Jonah's kissing her silly! Thankfully, her attitude changes soon!


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