Not A Lot to Say

It was an eventful weekend. Busy, fun, entertaining but, today, I’m exhausted. I feel like a nap but I’m having lunch with my husband and his friend. No time. And with the dryer situation, I’m off to the laundromat again today. Ah, the mundane…

In the non-mundane realm…bad news/good news. Yuletide Greetings has been moved. It will release Dec. 8. So…next up, for all you Dragon lovers, Blood of the Wolf, book three in the Cruentus Dragon series. To clarify, there is no wolf in this story. Wolf refers to Lucan the hero, who’s also a bit of a lone wolf. I’m definitely excited for that book to appear. I hope my fellow Dragon lovers will enjoy it. Shortly, after you’ll see the third Taboo Wishes book, Mr. Smith’s Whip.

Well, back to work with me…and maybe to find some coffee.

Oh and go Jimmie Johnson! Congrats on the 3rd place in Richmond and being #2 in the Chase. Best of luck! My fingers are crossed!

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