Epic Fail

I’m the most klutzy person on the planet. Really, my nickname since I married my husband is “Gracie”. I once sprained my ankle walking across the room. I’m that good.

So last night, I was innocently doing the usual getting ready for bed stuff. Washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. I have a new electric toothbrush. Let’s just say…I have problems with it.

I have long hair and I’m forever catching stray pieces of hair in it. And I stop. And I remove. Last night, I ended up with a whole hank of hair in it wound in the brush to the scalp. Yes, I fail and I couldn’t find the off button.

Once I was detangled and toothpaste was combed out of my hair, I went to bed. I was Freezing! My husband, kind horny soul he is, decided to cuddle with me. I wear a bra to bed under my nightgown because it’s more comfortable for me. My selfless husband unhooked it so he could rub my back. Okay…we all know where he was going with that.

“I can’t sleep like this,” I tell him. “The underwires are fine when it’s fastened, but like this, I’m going to stab myself when I turn over.”

So to his delight, I started to wiggle out of it. It was stuck. Yes, I was stuck in my bra…only to find as he lifted his hand that I had managed in my wiggling to hook it to his watchband.

We laughed so hard I cried. And the moment was over. Probably good. I might have managed to fall off the bed and really hurt myself.

8 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Okay, I have to mark this one down. I've heard of other excuses, honey, but this is by far, the best deflection I've ever read!

    And yeah, when the removal of the bra nearly ends in a trip to the hospital, it's time to put the rest off… imagine what might have happened if he wanted to remove your panties! Hey, I'm just saying…

    hugs, and thanks for the laugh 😀


  2. LMAO! Almost as good as the time my boyfriend and I were in the midst of a makeout session and got our braces hooked together. Imagine our humiliation at the orthodontist's office…
    Watch that toothbrush, girl! You are dangerous!


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