I have news! Last night, Ellora’s Cave accepted my Francesca Cress book (Title still pending approval and TBA soon). You know what that means! Pretty soon you will have the fifth Cress book available! I’m super excited. We’ve all waited so long for this!

Don’t forget that my Daly Way books are on sale at my publisher right now. You can get 20% of them by entering the code Daly20. It’s good until the end if July.

Which brings me to my next update: I’m still on track for the next Daly book, Roped by the Team, to be released in July. The discount code will be good on it as well.

Finally, I’m in the process of setting up a street team. This is a group of people who love my books and would like to help me get the word out about them. It’s a closed group, so please email me via the widget in the right hand side of this page if you’re interested in the fun. I’ll have more information on the team in the coming days.


6 thoughts on “News!!

  1. *does the Happy Snoopy Dance*
    Yay! I've been waiting for Francesca's book FOREVER! And you already know I'm on your street team, right? Every time someone expresses interest in *ahem* THAT BOOK, I show off Brotherly Bonds. They usually leave my table with your info written on the back of my cards, lol! Don't suppose you've noticed any sales spike in the last year???


  2. I love you books! I have read almost everyone of them on the market. The Daly series is sweet. I need to get on the Cress series. Glad all is going well with you.


  3. Thanks everyone!
    Stephanie, thanks!!

    Molly, you. are. awesome! Thanks for joining the street team!!

    Amber, thanks!!

    Kathy, thank you!!! I can't wait to share the newest Daly with everyone! 🙂


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