Could He Be…Gay For The Day?

Coming Soon: Gay for the Day, a 24 Hours story (Book 1).

A breakup, a bar, a bet—my trifecta of doom.

When I lost a wager with a stranger, I set in motion twenty-four hours that will forever change my life. For one day, I’ll take a walk on the other side…the gay side. Part of me—a big part of me—is averse to the idea, but part of me whispers that I can’t go back on the bet. Maybe, just maybe, I should have clarified the terms before shaking on it.

I belong to Josiah for the day.
Truly, the idea strikes terror in me, but a bet is a bet, right? If I’m in over my head and Josiah expects a submissive… Well, I’ll have to learn how to swim. And maybe, kneel. He promises I’ll be safe, but I’m more afraid of what I might find inside myself.
It’s only for twenty-four hours. I can do anything for that long.

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