Daly Way and Daly Connection Books

Daly Way Book 1: Belonging to Them
Daly Way Book 2: Plays Well With Others
Daly Way Book 3: Fill Her Up
Daly Way Book 4: One For The Team
Daly Way Book 5: Briar’s Cowboys
Day Way Book 6: Roped by the Team

Daly Connection Book 1: His Old Kentucky Home

7 thoughts on “Daly Way and Daly Connection Books

  1. I hope you have a new book out in this series. I love the charaters, I love the szuman sisters, Paisley, Moon, River, and Sun. I hope Robert and Sun end up together, they seem to work so well together at the ranch, and Robert needs someone to love and be happy. River needs to have her men to play nurse maid too….


    1. Hi Chris! River’s book is up next and she will be teamed with Seth and Tai. It’s going to be an emotional ride. I plan to do Dev’s book next then Sun’s. At this time, I don’t plan to have Robert and Sun end up together but we’ll see what develops over the next couple books.


    1. Hi Isabel! Sun, River and Robert will all get stories. River’s story is next and will be called Eye of Her Storm. Originally, it was going to be Corralled and Claimed, but that will be Sun’s book. Robert’s book is currently untitled, but I plan to write that one next year. 🙂


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