Throwback Thursday – My First Book

1af60-weddingjitters_msrAs I look back today for Throwback Thursday, it seems unbelievable to me that so many years have passed since my first book came out. The end of June marks the 8th anniversary of Wedding Jitters being released with Ellora’s Cave. My life has changed incredibly since that time and I’ve made so many wonderful friends –both readers and other writers — thanks to this industry. I will be forever grateful to Ellora’s Cave for picking up this story and starting everything. Now, more than 50 books later, I look back and say “Wow!” and look forward to say “So much more awaits!”

Here’s what the story is about:

Dara is a fairy and she doesn’t like it. But what’s a girl to do when she’s the fifth daughter of the fifth generation? The fifth daughter is always a fairy. Dara uses magic to hide her nature while she lives as a human but one thing is sure to blow her cover. Sex. Hot out of control sex. On the eve of her wedding to the most boring human she could find, another man, the Prince of Fairy, arrives intent on two things: Making Dara reveal her wings and claiming her as his very own. By whatever means necessary.

Tell Me What You Think!

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