Forbidden Obsession

ForbiddenObsession_JPEGI’m please to announce a new release with Resplendence Publishing. This is the debut book for their new RP Edge line. Forbidden Obsession is the first of two books. It is a re-release but it has been thoroughly reviewed and I’ve added over 3000 hot, sexy new words.

Here’s the summary:

Forbidden Obsession (RP Edge) by Brynn Paulin
Let us take you to the Edge…

He shouldn’t do it. He really shouldn’t do it…

When Channing O’Connell discovers his sister-in-law has been abused by his twin brother, he knows he must step in and rescue her from the perilous situation. Surely, he can control his lust long enough to get her to the bus station and out of danger.

So much for the best laid plans…

On the way to safety, a freak storm blows in and strands them in the middle of nowhere. Alone together, passion flares, and Channing surrenders to his forbidden obsession.

Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+. It deals themes of abuse and infidelity that may be offensive to some readers.

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