In Case There’s Any Doubt

I know you wouldn’t doubt me, LOL, but I wanted to share some screen shots of my WIP — the revamped On Your Knees. For those unfamiliar with track changes, it’s a setting in word to show any changes made in a document. I have been working on the revision of this book with it turned on, just so everyone can get a picture of just how extensive the changes and expansion (massive expansion) have been. Below are screen shots of pages 1-112 of the book as well as pages 113-224. The last portion is noticeably “red-free” but that’s because I haven’t reworked that section yet. I have about 40-60 pages of new to add as well as about about 25 pages to finish revising.

Can I just say…I LOVED this story before, but the new story, oh my God, it makes me so happy! But looking at the pictures…I can’t believe so much author love and time is reduced down to that tiny snapshot! It’s probably appropriate that the track changes is red, lol–author blood, all over the pages.

To finish this update… I’m days from sending the book to beta readers and soon after that it’ll go to my editors then it’ll be flying out to you!!

Much love! Brynn

On Your Knees p 1-112

On Your Knees p 113-224

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