Eye of Her Storm – Available NOW

Eye of Her StormEye of Her Storm
Daly Way, Book 8/Daly Connection, Book 2

The future is never a guarantee…

It’s been four years since River Szuzman moved to Daly. Four years since she met Seth Danielson and Tai Cauldwell. Four years that she’s been afraid to give in and just say yes.

Now, it’s too late.

When River’s entire future is about to change, there are only two people she wants to hold her, help her, and get her through the storm. But will they want her now?

Seth and Tai believe in destiny and they knew River was theirs the day she set foot in Daly. They’ve been biding their time, wooing her and waiting. When she comes to them with her news late one night, their hopes for the future are shattered. But it changes none of their determination.

River is theirs, together they will weather the storm, and they will hold her to the very end.

Note: This book is part of the Daly Way Series, but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone book with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.


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