My 55th Book!

Ahhhhh! I just released my 55th book and didn’t even realize it. Recently, I was chatting with my friend, and fellow author, Tia Fanning, and we created a Quick and Dirty line of books: They’re speedy super hot reads. My inaugural book in the line was so much fun to write!! Meredith’s nemesis–her brother’s best friend, Brax–shows up at her cabin right in the middle of a storm, what could wrong, right? Maybe, the power will go out and they’ll play an innocent game of Truth or Dare. Innocent? Right…


Truth or Dare copyTruth or Dare
A Quick and Dirty Spanking Book


Dear Reader,

When my brother’s best friend shows up at my vacation cottage to warn me about a violent incoming storm, I think it’s pretty sweet of him. Then he gets stuck with me…with no power. Okay, that’s fine. We’re friends—sort of. I mean, I’ve known him for fifteen years. Then he suggests a game of Truth or Dare. And I agree.

Big mistake. The game’s about to get wild and secrets will be revealed—like that I’m a virgin and he’s into spanking. But hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Considering Spanking in Michigan


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