Return to Alaska

Recently, with Ellora’s Cave closing, I received back rights to some of my books. One of them was Teeth, Nails and Tails. Truthfully, I never liked the title, so the book has a new one now. I’ve re-released it with new edits, a slight expansion and a pretty new cover.

Lynxed - finalLynxed
Mounted in Alaska, Book 1
(Formerly titled: Teeth, Nails and Tails)

Lynx shifters, Mika Andu and Bar Ra, have long awaited one thing: a woman who will complete their cluster and suit them perfectly, in bed and out. None of the women in their remote Alaskan village fits their need. It takes a plane crash to deliver their destiny.

Photographer, Summer Nash, was on her way to document life in a far-north Alaskan settlement when her plane went down. She’s stunned when she wakes, naked and in the bed of two strangers. Not only has she survived the crash but two mouth-watering men claim she’s their mate. She’s not so sure about that, but a torrid night of ménage sex sounds perfect. When things don’t work out as she planned, she finds herself stuck between two hard chests.


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