It’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! It’s been a sweet one here. I woke up to the sweetest card, chocolate and roses from my husband. Best guy ever! I’m so lucky!! It’s also been a good week for reviews!!! I got this one for Blood Bought: Filled with smoldering eroticism and enough action to keep the reader turning pages, Cruentus Dragons 2: Blood Bought by Brynn Paulin is a perfect one-sitting read. The deliciously dark plot carried over from book one flows smoothly, and the incredible chemistry between the two main characters nearly singes the pages. I absolutely loved the scene … Continue reading It’s Valentine’s Day


This will be a short post today. I’m deep into the writing marathon, though my word count isn’t really showing it yet. I’m at 3192 of 40K. That’s not the irony… Last week, I posted about Rocky on Monday. On Wednesday, my husband had an emergency appendectomy — and not the easy laparoscopic kind unfortunately. Anyway, I swear to you, his surgeon was Rocky. In the seriousness of the situation, I was hard-pressed not to laugh. Back to the books… Blood Bought is featured on the front page of FictionWise. How exciting! Oh! One last thing! Check out the contest … Continue reading Irony

Back to School

Blood Bought came out yesterday! BUT…that wasn’t the biggest part of my day. Yesterday, I followed through on my threat to go to school with my son. It wasn’t so bad and darn it! He actually seemed to enjoy it. Lord save me! He wasn’t supposed to like it. It was supposed to shock him back on track. I didn’t go to his first hour because he’s doing fine there. I started out in his second class, science. You may recall that we got a lot of snow last Friday. The school is taking advantage of it. My kids attend … Continue reading Back to School

Finished the Book!

Well, I finished my book this weekend – YAY!!! Today I’m catching up with day job work for a little while, then I’m off to start my next book. Actually, I should say my next two books. I’m writing them in tandem. I’m super excited for it. One is an anthology book I’m in with Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts and Dakota Rebel. The other is book 3 in the Cruentus Dragon’s series, Blood of the Wolf. This is the story about Lucan, brother to the head of the Cruentus clan whose book was Dragon’s Blood. Speaking of Dragons… Blood Bought … Continue reading Finished the Book!

Blood Bought – On its way!!!

I can’t believe Dec 8 is almost here! And with it will come Blood Bought, book 2 in the Cruentus Dragons series. Here’s the prologue: Jonah took a gulp of his Starbucks quad espresso, ignoring the burn down his throat as he stared out the window of his wingscion’s office, high above Central Park in New York City. Though their home was in Colorado, his scion who was also the elder of their Dragon clan, the Cruentus, had relocated his workplace on Jonah’s behalf. Jonah waited as the buzz from the espresso vibrated through his veins, temporarily easing the ache … Continue reading Blood Bought – On its way!!!

Blood Bought

This week, I got the cover for my next Resplendence Book, Blood Bought. I’m absolutely thrilled by how it came out. Here’s a little taste of what the book is about: BLURB: For months, Jonah Genjhury has hunted Athena. Waiting. Planning. Dreaming. Finally he finds his prickly mate and he knows it’s time to claim her for the Cruentus clan—and himself. Athena, however, isn’t easy to convince. She fights a union with everything in her. In desperation, Jonah makes her his blood slave, binding her to him. But now he must convince his angry slave that she is indeed his … Continue reading Blood Bought