Blood of the Wolf Finally Here!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last Dragon book. Blood of the Wolf has finally arrived. Here’s a look: Once upon a time, Lucan Aventech thought he was human. Then the day of his changing arrived. As his skin ignited and he shifted to Dragon form for the first time, he was in a horrific accident—or so it appeared. He survived, but everyone, including his beloved Meda, believed him dead. Now that he’s finally come to terms with being a Dragon shifter and he’s no longer a danger to others, he’s ready to reclaim his life and … Continue reading Blood of the Wolf Finally Here!

Not A Lot to Say

It was an eventful weekend. Busy, fun, entertaining but, today, I’m exhausted. I feel like a nap but I’m having lunch with my husband and his friend. No time. And with the dryer situation, I’m off to the laundromat again today. Ah, the mundane… In the non-mundane realm…bad news/good news. Yuletide Greetings has been moved. It will release Dec. 8. So…next up, for all you Dragon lovers, Blood of the Wolf, book three in the Cruentus Dragon series. To clarify, there is no wolf in this story. Wolf refers to Lucan the hero, who’s also a bit of a lone … Continue reading Not A Lot to Say

Finished the Book!

Well, I finished my book this weekend – YAY!!! Today I’m catching up with day job work for a little while, then I’m off to start my next book. Actually, I should say my next two books. I’m writing them in tandem. I’m super excited for it. One is an anthology book I’m in with Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts and Dakota Rebel. The other is book 3 in the Cruentus Dragon’s series, Blood of the Wolf. This is the story about Lucan, brother to the head of the Cruentus clan whose book was Dragon’s Blood. Speaking of Dragons… Blood Bought … Continue reading Finished the Book!

Blood Bought – On its way!!!

I can’t believe Dec 8 is almost here! And with it will come Blood Bought, book 2 in the Cruentus Dragons series. Here’s the prologue: Jonah took a gulp of his Starbucks quad espresso, ignoring the burn down his throat as he stared out the window of his wingscion’s office, high above Central Park in New York City. Though their home was in Colorado, his scion who was also the elder of their Dragon clan, the Cruentus, had relocated his workplace on Jonah’s behalf. Jonah waited as the buzz from the espresso vibrated through his veins, temporarily easing the ache … Continue reading Blood Bought – On its way!!!

Lost in Words

Forgive my lack of blogginess the last month or so. My writing has been focused in other areas. There’s lots happening and I ended up writing over 60,000 words in the last month.First up, I had a new book come out yesterday. Stealing the Bride was released as part of Total-e-bound’s Summer Seduction collection. It’s a ménage, the only ménage in collection, I believe. Here’s what it’s about: Mara is about to marry the wrong man and everyone knows it. At the eleventh hour, her roommates, Daniel and Jacob, devise a plan to steal the bride and keep her to … Continue reading Lost in Words

Moving On…

Yesterday I took a day out from writing to transfer thoughts from the time travel male/male to the dragon shape-shifters of today. Air conditioning…check. Grandma delivered to appointments…check. Furniture moved from downstairs to upstairs and upstairs furniture taken downstairs…check. Dog washed, kid’s birthday celebrated, Twilight watched…check, check, check. Bedroom cleaned…well kinda. Well not really. Will get back to that today. I always play catch up after I finish a book. Doing the house details instead of just the essentials. I fit in some of them yesterdays. Others will have to wait another week. Man, I was tired last night. Went … Continue reading Moving On…


So how’s it going with the challenge? Here are the players so far: Anny: 6K for a weekKelly: 14K for a weekBrynn: 14K for a weekBronwyn: 10K for a weekMolly: 5 pages a weekCaley: 5K a week The first week ends Monday night!! Guess what! My release schedule on the left panel has grown a lot! Check it out!!!!!! I just got a 4-book series this morning. I got teary, I was so happy. I’m still THRILLED. ~~ Brynn Continue reading Challenge!