Roped by the Team – Finally!

It’s here! It’s here! I’m pleased to announce today’s release of Roped by the Team at Resplendence Publishing! Here’s the info: A year ago, Moon Szuzman had a life-changing encounter with three cowboys out on the range of the Flying D ranch. It promised to become something forever, but when they returned to civilization, everything went crazy. A freak fire plunged the men into nonstop work yet caused Moon to lose her job. Needing employment, she took another in LA, leaving her family, the men and Daly far behind.  Now returning for vacation, she finds three determined cowboys ready to … Continue reading Roped by the Team – Finally!


I have news! Last night, Ellora’s Cave accepted my Francesca Cress book (Title still pending approval and TBA soon). You know what that means! Pretty soon you will have the fifth Cress book available! I’m super excited. We’ve all waited so long for this! Don’t forget that my Daly Way books are on sale at my publisher right now. You can get 20% of them by entering the code Daly20. It’s good until the end if July. Which brings me to my next update: I’m still on track for the next Daly book, Roped by the Team, to be released … Continue reading News!!

Waiting, oh the Waiting!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great, long weekend! It was lovely to relax and now I’m back at it. Today, I’m hard at work on Roped by the Team. Do you know, I have started this book five times? FIVE!!! It was maddening, but I have it now. Sometimes, there are so many ideas for what you can do to a group of characters that it’s hard to sort out the best course of action. I think I’ve found the best route for this group. Now. The false starts aren’t totally wasted. The first one will be incorporated … Continue reading Waiting, oh the Waiting!

Hey everyone! So yesterday was a big day for me. Mr. Inspiration and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Pretty cool. There were some days I’ll admit I thought we’d never make it. I’m glad we did. In other news, I turned in my next book to Ellora’s Cave. If all goes well, the first book in my Mounted in Alaska series will be out soon. I’m deep into writing my next book for them. It will be the next installment in the Brotherly Bonds series. I know I’ve been saying Francesca’s book is coming for awhile, but it is … Continue reading

Taxes and a new work day

You know, I think the IRS gets a bad rap — at least the people who work there. I’ve had to talk to them quite a few times in the past year (because I’m just that lucky) and all but one time, every person has been absolutely polite and delightful. I just wanted to throw that out there. Tax collectors from the beginning of time have gotten a nasty rep — some of them deservedly, I’ll admit. I have to say, I’d hate to have that job. You hear IRS and you get a nasty taste in your mouth. It’s … Continue reading Taxes and a new work day

Daly Way Post

Hey everyone! I have a post today on my new Daly Way blog. You can find it here: I will be posting several places over the coming months. Whenever I post on one of my series blogs, I’ll put the link here too. This blog will be primarily for non-specific writing posts, overlap posts, and personal posts. The sites are still in development, but there are also blogs for my other series: Taboo Wishes, Cruentus Dragons and Zed Force. ~~Brynn Continue reading Daly Way Post

Catching Up and Such…

Part 1: What has Brown Done For You? Well…in my case, UPS hit my car and crunched up the front right quarter panel, headlight, grille and hood. Guh! 100% their fault too. The kicker? I just got the car fixed in the same place from a similar accident. Just. Fixed. In March. And because it’s ten years old and we don’t owe on it, we carry the lowest, legal insurance coverage. So the car was just fixed again. You should have seen the look on the guy’s face when we had to bring it back in. But hey, he’s adorable … Continue reading Catching Up and Such…